2019 Data Science Bowl
November 16, 2019
[ Analysis ]
Kaggle R analysis EDA ML

When Kaggle announced its 2019 Data Science Bowl and I saw the headline: “Uncover the factors to help measure how young children learn”, I knew I had to participate.

I’ve been working through this competition in stages which I’ll list below.

At this point I realize that I will need to start working on Kaggle itself because the competition submissions require notebook-based submissions. So I start to write some Kaggle notebooks.

  • 2019/10/05 - Other - Implicit datatypes and coercion are weird
  • ♥️ 2019/09/27 - Prediction - Predicting t-shirt size from height and weight
  • 2019/09/22 - Scraping - Scraping the Mural Arts Philadephia website
  • 2019/09/21 - Package - nutritionR: NLP nutrition analysis in R
  • ♥️ 2019/09/14 - Data Viz - Yet Another Data Science Job Market Analysis
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