pyMTurkR: An R package for MTurk Requesters

I’m pleased to announce pyMTurkR, an R package that allows you to interface with MTurk’s Requester API.

pyMTurkR provides access to the latest Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) Requester API (version ‘2017-01-17’), using reticulate to wrap the boto3 SDK for Python. pyMTurkR is a replacement for the now obsolete MTurkR.

Using this package, you can perform operations like: creating HITs, updating HITs, creating custom Qualifications, reviewing submitted Assignments, approving/rejecting Assignments, sending bonus payments to Workers, sending messages to Workers, blocking/unblocking Workers, and many more.

pyMTurkR was created because on June 1, 2019 Amazon deprecated the MTurk API (version ‘2014-08-15’) that MTurkR was using, rendering it obsolete. This package was created to maintain MTurk access for R users while migrating to the new MTurk API (version ‘2017-01-17’).

pyMTurkR is not a native R language package. It uses reticulate to import and wrap the boto3 module for Python. Cross-language dependency is not necessarily a bad thing, and from the user perspective there is probably no difference, besides a few extra installation steps. Welcome to the wonderful world of R-python interoperability.