Tyler Burleigh

PhD, Psychology


I'm a recent PhD Psychology graduate from the University of Guelph, now working full-time for The HUMAN Project at New York University, where I am doing my part to transform social science and public policy through Big Data methodology.

As a student, I studied cognition, social cognition, and affect in the context of intergroup relations and human-computer interaction. I contributed to what is now considered to be one of two leading psychological explanations for the "uncanny valley" phenomenon--work for which I have been interviewed in New Scientist magazine and on the Space Channel.

According to Google Scholar my work has been cited 139 times, and recently I was excited to learn that one of my articles is being used as part of a university course syllabus about relationships. I am also proficient in computer programming, and I work as a freelance software consultant for different research labs and social enterprises.

Beyond my professional credentials, some things to know about me are: I am a HUGE geek about science, data, and skepticism. I am future-based, optimistic, and solution-focused. I love science fiction, sociology, and futurology. Some of my favorite books include: Dune by Frank Herbert, The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil, and Foundation by Isaac Asimov. I really enjoy video games and board games. I'm a coffee afficionado. Some of my favorite music is made by artists who were at some point affiliated with Ninja Tune, Kill Rock Stars, or Sub Pop Records. I also like cats and other furry animals.


Feel free to contact me: tylerburleigh@gmail.com