Tyler Burleigh

PhD, Psychology


I like to work on teams that use science and tech to address societal challenges.

As a PhD graduate, I have 6 years experience researching in the areas of social and cognitive psychology. I have 10 peer-reviewed research articles (6 first-author), which have been collectively cited almost 180 times (Google Scholar). These studies have introduced novel theory, methods, and measurements; and they have all aimed to answer questions with real-world significance. My most-cited article (“Does the uncanny valley exist?...”) has lead to 3 media interviews, including one with New Scientist in October 2016.

As Research Scientist at Data Cubed (www.datacubed.com), I oversee the selection, implementation, documentation, and validation of all measures included in our mobile health data collection platform. These measures include clinical measures (Patient Reported Outcomes [PROs]), psychological surveys, and gamified neurocognitive tasks (e.g., Flanker, Stroop).

I am also proficient in data analysis, computer programming, and technical problem solving. I am proficient in statistical software (SPSS, R) and analysis (ANOVA, Linear/Logistic Regression, Mediation/Moderation Analysis, Structural Equation Modeling, Meta-Analysis). I have also been working as a full-stack developer (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL) consultant for 4 years. Working with eMERGE Guelph and Greenbrain, Inc. I develop mobile apps that are used in sales, customer service, and marketing.

Interested in working with me, or do you want to talk science?

Hit me up: tylerburleigh@gmail.com