Tyler Burleigh

PhD, Psychology


I like to work on teams that use science and tech to address societal challenges.

As a PhD graduate, I have 6 years experience researching in the areas of social and cognitive psychology. I have 10 peer-reviewed research articles (6 first-author), which have been collectively cited almost 150 times (Google Scholar). These studies have introduced novel theory, methods, and measurements; and they have all aimed to answer questions with real-world significance. My most-cited article (“Does the uncanny valley exist?...”) has lead to 3 media interviews, including one with New Scientist in October 2016.

As Assistant Research Scientist at New York University, I oversee all psychological measures (100+) in The Human Project -- a large-scale, smartphone-based population study. This involves managing measurement selection, implementation, language translation, adaptation (e.g., for children or older adults), documentation, psychometric evaluation and validation. These measures include surveys as well as gamified neurocognitive tasks (e.g., Flanker, Stroop).

I am also proficient in data analysis, computer programming, and technical problem solving. I am proficient in statistical software (SPSS, R) and analysis (ANOVA, Linear/Logistic Regression, Mediation/Moderation Analysis, Structural Equation Modeling, Meta-Analysis). I have also been working as a full-stack developer (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL) consultant for 4 years. Working with eMERGE Guelph and Greenbrain, Inc. I develop mobile apps that are used in sales, customer service, and marketing.

Interested in working with me, or do you want to talk science?

Hit me up: tylerburleigh@gmail.com