Categorical features: cardinality and sparsity

This weekend I decided to dive into the Categorical Feature Encoding Challenge II that Kaggle is hosting so I could learn some things about using categorical features in machine learning models. For this challenge, the dataset contained only categorical features and also different kinds of categorical features: Binary, nominal, and ordinal. On top of that, some of the features had low cardinality, while other features had high cardinality. Cardinality In the context of machine learning, “cardinality” refers to the number of possible values that a feature can assume.

A simple Twilio SMS frontend using Nodejs

We’re starting to use SMS at work for communicating with customers, and there was a need for a tool that would allow us to send SMS messages and check the history of calls and messages to the phone number we are sending from. With that in mind, I coded a simple frontend to the Twilio API. The frontend is a page with 4 navigation tabs that allow sending a single SMS, sending SMS in bulk, seeing the status of sent SMS messages, and fetching the inbound call/SMS log.